With MyMailCampaign, you have the flexibility to create a unique, brilliant looking email marketing campaign. If you don’t feel confident enough, we can create one for you.

You have four design options with your MyMailCampaign account. Pick the one that best suits you. Each and every option will get you a great looking email every time. MyMailCampaign is being used to send tens of thousands of HTML email newsletters every-day. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of all that broadband has to offer, sign up today and start sending measurable email campaigns immediately.

Use a generic design template.

Choose one of our free design templates and don't pay a cent for design. Our templates are simple, clean and ready to go the moment you create your account.


Customize a design template.

Get your company info and your logo onto one of our generic templates (above). For only €150, this option gets you a level of customization without a large investment.


Use your own design.

Already have a design you'd like to use for your email template? No problem! We'll take your design and convert it into an email template and load it into breeze for you to use.


Get a custom design.

You get a completely custom designed email template ready to go on MyMailCampaign. Our world-class designers will turn out an email that you are sure to love.