Frequently Asked Questions


1. How long does it take to get an account setup?

Once you submit our sign up form, one of our staff will contact you to complete the process. Depending on your email design requirements, you will generally be up and running within a couple of business days.

2. Is there training available?

Absolutely! We are here to help, starting from the day you sign up. We will help set up your templates, train you on list management and how to create and send your campaigns.

3. Why do I have to go through a staff member?

First up, we are very cautious about spam and we require the manual step to ensure that our users are serious and also willing to agree to our anti-spam policy. Second, we want to help you get a design for your emails on MyMailCampaign and working directly with is the best way we can get you up and running quickly. We apologise that we can't provide instant setup, but our team are ready and willing to help you get started when you request your account today.

Manage Subscribers

4. Can I add a subscribe form to my site?

Yes! Adding a subscribe form to your web site is a great way to attract new subscribers and it couldn't be easier.

Our simple Manage Subscribers section gives you a step-by-step guide to customising and adding a subscribe form to your website.

5. Can I import subscribers from a file?

Provided you have obtained the correct permission from your susbcribers, importing your subscriber list into your account is a really simple and straight-forward process. To get started, your subscribers need to be in a comma or tab delimited text file. This is a standard format for storing data and is supported by most applications, including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT! and GoldMine.

From there, our Manage Subscribers section enables you to easily import your subscriber list to MyMailCampaign.

6. What if I don't have an email list?

No Problem. It's time to get started! There are several ways you can collect email addresses. Catch Mail provides a list building tool in the form of a sign up box to be put on your website. Your site visitors can sign up for your email list and their addresses are automatically imported in to your Catch Mail account.

Other ways to collect would be to set up a guest register and have customers provide you with their email addresses that you will import in to your Catch Mail account. Trade shows, conferences, purchases - any time you touch your customer, invite them to join your list.

Create & Send

7. Do I need to know HTML to create an email campaign?

Absolutely not! You will be able to create beautiful html campaigns by simply pasting your content in to our wizard driven templates.

8. Can my newsletter look like my website?

It sure can. Take a look at our designs page to see all of the design options available through MyMailCampaign.

9. I want to send an email to multiple Subscriber Lists at the same time. Some people are in 2 or more lists. Will they get duplicate emails?

No. We automatically take care of this issue. We realize that it could be very likely that your subscribers might be interested in subscribing to more than one of your lists and because of this, when you send one campaign that targets multiple Subscriber Lists, we automatically prevent delivery duplication for that campaign.

If the recipient (who appears across more than one list you are sending to) unsubscribes, they will be removed from each list you sent to that they appear in.

If you were to send to each Subscriber List separately, we are unable to determine that there are duplicates. Subscribers in more than one of these Subscriber Lists would get multiple campaigns in their inbox.

10. How do I schedule campaigns to send in different time zones?

In the final stage of creating a campaign, you must decide if you would like the campaign to be sent immediately, or have it scheduled for a specific time in the future. If the schedule option is selected, you will need to specify the delivery time by providing the date, time, and time zone you wish to send in.

If you are scheduling a large campaign that requires payment, your credit card will not be charged until the campaign is actually delivered . This means that if you cancel the scheduled campaign before delivery, you will not be charged.

11. Can I send attachments with my email campaigns?

Unfortunately, no. Our system has been specifically built not to support attachments. We did this for a number of reasons.

  1. We ensure that your campaigns are unable to send viruses that propagate through attachments.
  2. You're not forcing an attachment down every recipients throat. Large attachments + slow connection = angry subscriber.

If you have a file that you'd like to give to your customers, we recommend that you host the file on your own server and then place a link to the file within your email. This also means you won't clog your subscribers inbox with attachments they may not even use.


12. What kind of reporting does Catch Mail give me?

Yes! Catch Mail provides you with a campaign snapshot once your email has been sent. Find out how many recipients opened your email, clicked a link, unsubscribed, forwarded your email to a friend and loads more. Check out our features section for more info!